Wednesday, March 14, 2007 “The taboo of the school map” as Le Monde.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 "The taboo of the school map" as Le Monde. We remember that it is this theme that served as a starting point for the presidential campaign. Segolene Royal, before being invested by his party had addressed this topic. But his position is not that of a suppression as has been said, but a "relaxation", "Ease school map will loosen the constraints and allocate additional resources" does specify. This is not the same as the very liberal stance Nicolas Sarkozy to remove the school board to establish competition between institutions. As for Francois Bayrou, he proposed no change. This issue of school board is, in any case, a good indicator of the state vis-a-vis opinion of social inequalities. Either one is resigned to the existence of inequalities and school and social ghettos or we try to recover from the diversity in our cities and schools. This is essentially what the sociologist Marco Oberti in a debate with Internet users on the site of the World. It states that "it is the most troubled students who are more penalized by the homogeneity of school classes. That said, it is not to idealize the mix, which is a real educational challenge. The question is how to make gender diversity a resource and not an obstacle or difficulty. "On Wednesday the Le Monde newspaper’s website is definitely very rich since the subject can also read an interactive section with the programs of the candidates for education. It will also take new hyperactivity Gilles de Robien who continues to take action (conflicting matter) to forty days of the presidential election. These ads intervened when Xavier Darcos, national secretary of the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy handed his report on "the moral and material situation of teachers in France." Before any discussion of the statutory obligations of teachers, he considers essential to flat Darcos poses as prior "a moratorium or suspension of the decree of 14 February 2007 Robien about Hourly Discharge", which he "crystallises all opposition." If this is not a repudiation …. In the hyperactivity of the Minister, there is continuing its "reform" of the primary. In fact, after reading, grammar and arithmetic, here came time vocabulary. Alain Bentolila (read his portrait in Liberation) issued its report on the acquisition of vocabulary in elementary school to the Minister. To advance the level it proposes to develop word lessons, twice a half hour a week, to equip students with a vocabulary book and finally determine 365 words to learn each year. "A child does not learn the language while growing up. It is the language, gradually structuring its thought, that makes it grow, "insists the linguist in a folder Cross dedicated to language acquisition. If we can share some of the observations made by this researcher, however it seems with this measure, an innovation showing that it would be very easy to build vocabulary while it is a much more complex phenomenon and is already considered by teachers. Good reading… ——————————————— – Release of 14/03/07 Robien wants more words for brats report calls enriching the vocabulary of elementary students. Read more of the article Minister treats his teachers Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien, yesterday announced measures, including financial, for teachers, declaring understand "their melancholy." Read more of the article Environment and Education, the main concerns of Libenautes first part of our series "Interview the presidential candidates," with the publication of your questions about social issues. Hence it is clear that the environment and education more concerned that security and immigration. Candidates’ answers on Friday on the website. Read more of the article Poor languages ??Alain Bentolila, 57, linguist consulted by Gilles de Robien on reforming the teaching of French. His critics accuse him of serving deposit on an outdated policy. Read more of the article requires educational support Francois Bayrou, the idol of the teachers? This may be one of the key data coming weeks. The rise of the former Minister of Education, best known for his rue de Grenelle quo for its reformers accents (forgotten once the reform of the Falloux law) is based on a particular profession less acquired to the left. Video exploitation of about Segolene Royal on 35 hours of attendance for teachers probably did not help. With one hand a profession that has the moral socks, and the other a public more concerned about school performance, education is brandished by all candidates as THE priority. As usual. Or for real. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 14/03/07 Gilles de Robien attacks the children’s vocabulary After reading, the Minister of Education wants to improve the vocabulary of primary school pupils. Read more of the article The primary object of my attention by Gilles de Robien, Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research. (2 March 2007) […] primary education is not forgotten! Rather, it is the object of the care of the Ministry of Education. Read more of the article The white bins boycott movement grew Parents of pupils and students are mobilizing against this consequence of the discontent of teachers, which now affects several hundred institutions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 14/03/07 (a day late) Nothing seen … —————————— ———————- Le Parisien on 14/03/07 (paying) the anti-CPE campaign generation According to a survey released today, 81 % of 18-25 ensure they will definitely vote for president. A crazy score … but not so surprising. Since April 2002, young people are on all fronts, especially during the anti-CPE sling. Read more of the article The students put the policy on the grill AFTER STREET, urns
. To hear the students, the presidential campaign must be the occasion to bring to the huge demonstrations votes they conducted in the spring of 2005 (against the Fillon law school and its reform of the tray) and 2006 … Read following Article in college Jussieu, "beat Sarko …" at EXIT Parisian university Jussieu (fifth), the students were treated yesterday morning in a welcoming committee enough .. . Read more of the article "Voting is our duty" A UNIVERSITY Paris X Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), no trace almost the election, except those rare posters Olivier Besancenot and Jose Bove whose supporters are between 50 and 200 to participate in discussions … except the far left … Read more of the article "Our appetite for the presidential election is huge," One year after the CPE crisis, is the youth become a major political concern? Bruno Julliard. We scored points, obviously. In this campaign, candidates evoke more important issues for youth, … Read more ———————— Article ———————— the Cross of 14/03/07 the acquisition of language, a challenge Although the ability to assimilate a mother tongue is inscribed in our genetic heritage, parents play a key role in learning. Between kindness and requirement Read More Article ————————————— ———- 20 minutes from 14/03/07 "lesson for words" at the Gilles de Robien K continues its return to fundamentals at school. After reading, arithmetic and grammar, Education Minister addresses the vocabulary, very uneven across students and offers a "lesson of words" to set up, as early as kindergarten. The principle is simple: twice a week, the students are looking at new words to integrate, according to an established body. The goal is to learn 365 per year. Read more of the article These minors seeking asylum in France Sometimes aged eight years old, these children, called "unaccompanied minors" were found at Roissy airport. Sent to France to escape poverty or war, they were able to return the territory to be enjoying a procedural error, or the unusual clemency from the Ministry of Interior. These young people, a hundred a year, are then taken to the central Taverny unique in France. Read more of the article "The teens gave me a great lesson" In Hilary Swank film gives a taste for studies at the Los Angeles ghetto teenagers in the early 1990. The effective chronic, inspired by a true story delivers an optimistic message. Read more of the article At the castle "of hopeless families of children" in their art room Castle Taverny (Val-d’Oise), they draw on clay plates their first name, the name of their country, their flag. From them, we know nothing more. The few dozen foreign children who pass here every year have a painful history they dare not tell. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro (Paris) from 14/03/07 Nothing seen … —————————– ——————- West of France 14/03/07 —————– Nothing seen … ——————————– Le Monde 14/03/07-Is it the taboo of the school map reform the school map, simply soften or consider removing it? The issue served as a catalyst for debate on the future of the school in the campaign for the presidential election. With, in the background, the main challenges are for school, equal opportunities and social diversity. Read more of the article Boycott white trays: Gilles de Robien denounced a "hostage" of the students The Minister of Education, Gilles de Robien, has announced, Wednesday, March 14, his dissatisfaction with the boycott of bins white organized by teachers to protest against a decree extending their working hours and the removal of 5,000 items. "How can we accept that the students are taken hostage?", Has outraged the minister at a press conference, adding that it is "possible to declare disagreements but harm the education of students should never be the solution". Read more of the article Marco Oberti "easing of the school map" goes against "over diversity in schools" Live debate with Marco Oberti, a sociologist at Sciences Po OSC- , author of "the School in the city: segregation or mixing" (Sciences Po Press, forthcoming) Read the article Education: Programs candidate Nicolas Sarkozy: The effort and Segolene Royal deserves: A public service from early childhood Bayrou: Guaranteeing Jean-Marie resources Le Pen: Free choice of Marie-George Buffet school: High school at 18 Arlette Laguiller: Make active citizens Read more of the article Landfill hours: the team Sarkozy disavowed Mr de Robien the purchasing power teachers received a boost, Tuesday, March 13, with the announcement by the Minister of education, Gilles de Robien, a series of measures … to forty days of the first round of the presidential election . […] These ads intervened when Xavier Darcos, national secretary of the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy handed his report on "the moral and material situation of teachers in France." On February 2, Sarkozy had appointed former Minister for school education to make proposals to improve the pay and working conditions of teachers. In it Le Monde has obtained, Mr. Darcos list fifteen tracks for five years. […] Before any discussion of the statutory obligations of teachers, he considers essential to flat raises Darcos as prior "a moratorium or suspension of the decree of 14 February 2007 Robien about Hourly discharges" which, he said, "crystallises all opposition." Read more of the article Madonna and mammoth, Dominique Dhombres Madonna knows bite. She did the same on the occasion with great appetite. Segolene Royal was the guest of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, Tuesday, March 13, at the end of the newscast TF 1. The presenter asked about the decision to Claude Allegre not support her. "This will perhaps help me vis-a-vis the teachers because I think he did not leave a very good memory," she replied after stating that she had "no comment especially to do. " Always be wary when a former or a former student of ENA began his sentence: "I have no comment to make." The worst is usually forthcoming. […] "This issue does not interest me. I think the French do not care completely," replied she. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 14/03/07 Royal: the French "mock" the defection of Allegre Asked to react on the defection of the former Minister of Education, the Socialist candidate said: "I think it will maybe help me vis-a-vis the teachers, because I think he did not leave a great memory. " Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 14/03/07 Robien treats teachers Minister of Education announced measures to support the purchasing power of high school teachers and principals. He still has not said which candidate he supported Read More Article ——————————– ————————— selected in dispatches of 14/03/07 Increase in allowance "electioneering ads" according to the Sgen Sgen union CFDT education Wednesday described as "electioneering ads" and "scoops" the upgrading of principals bonuses and salaries of some teachers, announced Tuesday by education Minister Gilles de Robien. Read more of the article Giving more weight to words in school to reduce inequalities students from modest backgrounds have a poor command of vocabulary, which proves an important factor failure in school, finds a report linguist Alain Bentolila advocating true "word lessons at school" and serve as a support to a ministerial circular. Read more of the article Working Time Teachers: multiplication of white bins boycotts Several thousand high school seniors still have not passed their white trays, simulation examination dreaded, because some teachers boycott to protest against the much-maligned "Decree Robien" on their working time. Read more of the article Robien will sign "in the coming days" a circular on vocabulary The Education Minister Gilles de Robien said Wednesday, receiving the report of the linguist Alain Bentolila on vocabulary acquisition in primary school, it will issue and sign "in the coming days" a circular on this learning. Read more of the article Increasing salaries of teachers far to offset losses (unions) Two unions majority teachers, Snuipp-FSU and SNES-FSU, estimated Tuesday that the salary increases of school principals and teachers announced Tuesday by the Minister of Education were a "liar calculation", "far offset the losses." Read more of the article The Code proposes 24 measures to help French economy to decipher the Council for dissemination of economic culture (Code) on Wednesday presented 24 proposals to Economy Minister Thierry Breton, who s is committed to implement in some, including an educational website. Read more of the article Villepin wants researchers to win "much more" Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin on Wednesday called for review "in a next step," the remuneration of researchers to "allow the most deserving of earn much more. " Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, March 14, 2007